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If you're looking to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your industrial automation processes, then Aeliya Marine Tech's high-quality amplifiers are an excellent solution. Our amplifiers collection enhances the performance of your sensors and transducers, providing reliable and accurate readings in a wide range of applications. Our amplifiers come in a variety of types and models, including DC amplifiers, AC amplifiers, and signal conditioners. We offer products that are compatible with different types of sensors and transducers, making it easy to integrate them into your existing automation systems. With Aeliya Marine Tech's amplifiers, you can improve the performance of your machinery, reduce downtime, and increase overall productivity. Our products are built to last, with high-quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability in harsh industrial environments.

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Mitsubishi Electric Mr-je-70A Servo Amplifier Ip20 Designed By: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mitsubishi Electric Automation Manufacturing (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. Melservo-je Ac Servo Model: Mr-je-70A Power: 750W Input: 3Ac/Ac200-240V 3.8A/6.5A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-je-40A Servo Amplifier Mitsubishi Electric Automation Manufacturing (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. Designed By Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Melservo-je Ac Servo Model: Mr-je-40A Power: 400W Input: 3Ac/Ac200-240V 2.6A/4.5A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-j4-22Kb4 Digital Ac-servo Amplifier 400V Ac Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Melservo-j4 Servo Amplifer-2 Input: 400V Ac Ac Servo Model: Mr-j4-22Kb4 Power: 22Kw Input: 3Ac380-480V 47.6A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-j4-22Kb4 Digital Ac-servo Amplifier Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Model: Mr-j4-22Kb4 Ac Servo Power: 22 Kw Input: 3Ac380-480V 47.6A 50/60Hz Output: 3Ph323V 0-360Hz 63.0A Std: Iec/En61800-5-1 Man: Ib(Na) 0300197

Mitsubishi Mr-j4-22Kb4 Digital Ac-servo Amplifier 3Ac 380-480V 47.6A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Melser I/O-j4
Ac Servo

Mitsubishi Mr-j3-350B Ac Servo Amplifier 3.5Kw
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Ac Servo
Model: Mr-j3-350B
Power: 3.5Kw
Input: 16A 3Ph+1Ph200-230V 50Hz
3Ph+1Ph200-230V 60Hz