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Shield Your Electrical Equipment with Certainty Guarantee uninterrupted operations with our robust fuses. Our top-notch fuses provide unparalleled protection and functionality, ensuring your electrical system stays secure and running smoothly. Trust the leaders in automation and choose our exceptional fuses for your needs.

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24649.6/1 Ii/8 Fuse Puller 24649.6/1 Ii/8 Weight: 270 Gm
Littelfuse V150Pa20A Littelfuse
Harris V150Pa20A Littelfuse Harris Varistor
Mitsubishi Electric Nf400-ss 400Amp No-fuse Breaker With Uvt-mc Uvt Module Mitsubishi Electric Corp No-fuse Breaker Model: Nf400-ss 400Amp Pole: 3P Ac 660V M9311 Ln208N260-2 Uvt Module Type: Uvt-mc Ac380-450V 50-60Hz 5Va Ln315N315H24
Bogenschutz 8129.000008 Fuse Block 160A 660V~ Bogenschutz 8129.000008 Vde 0636/2
Mitsubishi Electric Nf400-se No-fuse Breaker 3 Pole Ln420N243-1 200Amp Mitsubishi Electric Corp. No-fuse Breaker Model: Nf400-se Pole 3P Ac 660V Ln208N264M54 Nk 87T211 R9311 Ln208N260-3 Motor Operator Control Circuit Ac100/110V 4A Ln306N916-1 200 Amp Ln420N243-1 Auxiliary Switch
Monnic Mt1038 Fuse Holder 32A 500V Monnic Type: Mt1038 32A 500V~ 10 X 38
Ferraz Vde 0636/23 Protistor 660V 450A Ferraz  Protistor Vde 0636/23 38173 0.207 MΩ (35˚C) Ref: A 80247 660V Ac 450A
Ferraz 0.198 Mω (35°C) Fuse Protistor 660V 450A Ferraz Protistor 0.198 MΩ (35°C) 39296/Ht Ref: A 80247 660V Ac
Sb Fuse Fh-30C Fuse Holder Sb Fuse Fh-30C 600V
Mitsubishi Electric Nf30-ss 3 Pole No-fuse Breaker 20Amp 600Vac Mitsubishi Electric Corp. No-fuse Breaker Nf30-ss 41-19974 Ac 220V I.C. 5Ka 20 Amp Pole 3P
Abb Os 63D12 Switch Fuse 400V 63A 50…60 Hz Abb Os 63D12 Iec 60947-3 Ith 63A 50…60 Hz 400V 63A Ac-23A 690V 63A Ac-23B 63A Max.7,5W Uimp 12Kv Iec 60269 63A Oa1G10 Ith 16A
Rs 415-092 Rail Mount Fuse Holder 200A 660V Rs 415-092 200A 660V~
Kacon Kf-32K Din Rail Fuse Holder 32A 690V Kacon Korea Auto Controls Co., Ltd Fuse Kf-32K Max 32A 690V
Kacon Kf-32K Fuse Holder 32A 690V Kacon-korea Auto Controls Co., Ltd. Fuse Kf-32K Max 32A 690V
Yinda Nh00C Fuse 63A 500V 120Ka Yinda Nh00C 63A Gg/Gl
Fisher-rosemount Kj4001X1-cb1 Fused I/O Terminal Block 12P0625X072 Fisher-rosemount Systems Emerson Process Management  Fused I/O Terminal Block Kj4001X1-cb1 Pn: 12P0625X072 
Eaton 63Nhg000B Fuse 63A Nh000 Gg/Gl Eaton Electrical Products Ltd Bussmann Series 63A Iec 60269-2 120Ka-500Vac Nh000 Gg/Gl 63Nhg000B Nh-lv Fuse-links Size 000 Fi: 3115111
Gec Rs20 Fuse Holder 20Amp 660V Ac Gec Use Nit Fuselink Type: Rs20
Merlin Gerin C32N Fuse Circuit Breaker 380V~ Merlin Gerin Fuse Breaker Multi 9 C32N N°35-u-(32A) 380V~ 6000/8000A Iec P1 20133
Merlin Gerin Nc100Lh Fuse Circuit Breaker 400V~ Mkr: Merlin Gerin Fuse Breaker Multi 9 Nc100Lh C 20A 400V~ 50Ka Iec 947.2 27533 Magn.8,5 In
Atr Industrie-elektronik Ye 13 F0076-00 Fuse Control Board Atr Industrie-elektronik Gmbh Msr-elektronik Fuse Control Ye 13 F0076-00 F: 1605
Yinda Nt00 Fuse 63A 500V~ Yinda Nt00 63A Gg/Gl 500V~ 120Ka Iec269 Vde0636 Weight: 160 Gm
Lot Of 2X Tirh Nt0 63A Fuse Tirh Nt0 63A Gl-gg
Yinda Nt00C Fuse 63A Yinda Nt00C 63A