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Welcome to the ultimate thermostat parts and equipment supplier! We offer a comprehensive selection of parts, components, and equipment from top brands like Danfoss, Honeywell, Trafag, Jumo, Robertshaw, and many more. Whether you need new or used parts, we have them in stock and ready to ship globally. Our commitment to quality means that you can trust us to provide you with the best products and services. We carefully select our parts and equipment to ensure that they meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. And with our global presence, you can count on us to deliver your orders no matter where you are.

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Himel Ts 140 Himel Thermostat Temperature Regulator Himel 0-60 ˚C Tipo/Type: Ts 140
Dae Chang Electric Dctc-050C Thermostat 16A 220-250V Dae Chang Electric Co.  Thermostat  Dctc-050C
Jumo Em-5 Thermostat Jumo Typ/Type: Em-5 308543 Max: (250-10) °C T120 Tu 80 Ip00 Schaltb/ Switch: Ii Iii Iv 1K/Min Ii
Norwesco 15015 Thermostat 220V Ac Norwesco 15015 15015 W 2504 W Tilkobling Av Romtermostat/ Connection Of Room Thermostat
Jumo Amthf-23 Surface-mounted Thermostat Jumo Gmbh & Co.Kg, Typ/Type: Amthf-23 T80 1K/Min Ii 603051/0023-1-063-50-0-00-20-13-20-100-8-6/699,701, +50 +250°C Ip54 Term 2: Ac 16(3)A 230V Term 4: Ac 8(1,5)A 230V C.Dist.: Ii +50 Iii Iv Vartn: 60/60000908
Jumo Em-5 Thermostat 50-200°C 60/60000414 Jumo Gmbh & Co.Kg, Typ/Type: Em-5 50-200°C T80 1K/Min Ii 602021/0005-062-000-25-195-20-10-00-00-000-00-6/574, Max: (200-8)°C Tu 80 Ip00 Term 2: Ac 10(2)A 230V
Ranco K50-l3046 Refrigeration Thermostat Ranco Type: K50-l3046     86-9-2L K50
Carrier Transicold 66U1-6912-16 Thermostat Switch Carrier Transicold 66U1-6912-16 L130-30F
Girishego 205C Thermostat Without Fixing Bracket Girishego Model: 205C 15A 250V Ac Only S: 3017 Class Ii
Ego 55.34012 490 Thermostat  Ego  55.34012 490 T150  9506 Weight: 190 Gm
Wartsila Epec 1044B Lt Thermostat Card 0050L289501 Epec Maker: Wartsila Lt Thermostat Card 1044B Turbocharger Scalling
Ksd201/Pf Thermostat 250V10A Ksd201/Pf 250V10A
Elcon 50-300°C Thermostat 15Amp 230/250Vac Elcon 50-300°C 15 Amp 230/250V~ Made In India Weight: 180 Gm
Cqc Ksd301 Thermostat 250V 10A Cqc Ksd301
Robertshaw Kx-326-30 Thermostat Robertshaw Controls Company Kx-326-30 49543 50Va Pd 120-277Vac
Stego Kts 011 Enclosure Thermostat 01147.9-00, 250V 10(2)A Stego 0-60°C Type: Kts 011 Mod.No: 01147.9-00 No: Ac120V 15(2)A
Nebb Skien 125A 500V Thermostat Bdbk Nebb Skien A/S Type: Bdbk

Oj Electronics Efst-6-.221 Alarm Thermostat 250V
Oj Electronics
Alarm Thermostat
µ 250V~ 5A

Oj Electronics Efst-6-1221 Alarm Thermostat 5A 250V
Oj Electronics
Alarm Thermostat
µ 250V~ 5A

Saginomiya Wtb-k602 2 Step Thermostat
2 Step Thermostat
X099 J

Ego 55.13222.250 Thermostat 110°C

Robertshaw 5300-15E Electric Thermostat 25Amp 250Vac
Robertshaw Controls Company

Robertshaw Kp-860-30 Thermostat 27690.0000 25A 250 Vac
Robertshaw Controls Company

Jumo Ath-se-2 Thermostat
Typ: Ath-se-2

Robertshaw Lccm300360000 Limit Safety Thermostat
Robertshaw Controls Company