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Transformers: Elevate Your Electrical Distribution Our industrial transformers offer the ultimate in efficiency, safety, and durability for your automation needs. Experience the power of top-of-the-line solutions to revamp your electrical distribution system.

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Egs E150 Industrial Control Transformer
Egs Electrical Group, Llc
Emerson Industrial Automation
Fusing Block For
Industrial Control Transformer
Catalog No.: E150
Kva .150
Insul. Class 105

Df Electric 680100040 Control Transformer 50-60Hz Df Electric 680100040 Tr28 Ta 25/B  100Va/ 150Va 50-60 Hz Ta40/B  63Va/ 150Va
Pulse Pf0058Nl Power Transformer Pulse  Pf0058Nl  1344-l
Simplex 4115496 Control Transformer Uloa1 Simplex General Electric Simplex-ge Ltd. Allenwest Type: Uloa1 / Ul0A1
21789 Transformer Art#: 21789 Art#: 28163
Ime Tasl10D1503 Current Transformer Design & Quality By Ime Bticino Spa Legrand A Group Brand Current Transformer Tasl 10D1503 Tas65 Ipr 1500A Isr 1A 47…50…63Hz Um=0,72/3/-kv
Daniel Woodhead 1675-12 Transformer Output 12V 90Va Manufacturer: Daniel Woodhead Co. Lovolt Transformer Mfg P/N: 1675-12 Catalog Number: 1675-12/1678-12 Input: 117V Ac 50/60Hz Output: 12V 90Va 12.4V 13.4V 14.8V E52049 Secondary Current: 7.7A
Prostar Prt-200 Up & Down Transformer 110V/220V Prostar Step Up & Down Transformer Prt-200
Ganz Mak 45/14 Current Transformer Ganz Mak 45/14 40/1A 1 1 Va Fs5 0.72 Kv. E
Saber 16052 Transformer 3A Saber 16052
Sakai Electric Al – 41 Transformer Power Supply 50 / 60 Hz Sakai Electric Co., Ltd. Power Supply Transformer Va Shape Name: Al – 41 Rated Output: 777 Withstand Voltage Hz: 7 Kv Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Noratel 3Hac037015-001 Transformer Noratel Art.No: 3Hac037015-001 Rev.No: 00 Volt. Sec.   230V   230V (Isol.) 115V (Isol.)
Legrand 42282 Reversible Autotransformer Legrand  Deri Autotransformateur Reversible/ Autotransformer Reversible Ref: 42282 Ali: 380/220 V Uti: 220/380 V
Trafotek 1Pp01039 (310A) Transformer 13894F Trafotek Type: 13894F
Vac Zkb 443/030-02-pf 224 Transformer Vac Zkb 443/030-02-pf 224
Klockner Moeller B Ft 220/6 Transformer 220-240V 50/60Hz Klockner Moeller Transformer B Ft 220/6 Iec 947/En 60947/Vde 0660
5Bvt.P Lsh3.010.391 Transformer 5БВТ.П /5Bvt.P ЛШЗ.010.391/Lsh3.010.391 N853681
Kcma Ty1-01-0865-89 Transformer 16A~220 / 50Hz Kcma 16A~220 / 50Hz Ty1-01-0865-89
Step Up & Down Transformer St-1500W Ac Input Voltage Selector Step Up & Down Transformer Ac Input Voltage Selector St-1500W 110V 200V
Zara Tsz 2,2/2380 Transformer 220V 50Hz Zara Transformer 53.98 Tsz 2,2/2380 Pri: Czerw 220V Czerw 50Hz
Noratel Fr96Bh Safety Isolating Transformer Ip20 Noratel As Safety Isolating Transformer Type: Fr96Bh 180Va  Ip20 Art.No: 3-071-000035 Pri: 0-115-120-230-250V 47-63Hz
Noratel Fr84B-400230 Isolating Transformer Ip20 Noratel Norway As Isolating Transformer Type: Fr84B-400230 130Va  Ip20 Art.No: 3-070-100687 Pri: 0-400V-415V-440V  47-63Hz
Zdb-ei750151 Power Transformers 20V 4.5A Power Transformers Zdb-ei750151 Power: 90W Input: 220V 50/60Hz
Zwar Imsa Transformer 400A 50-60Hz Zwar Transformer Type: Imsa Nf 3243/97 0,72/3/-kv N3 Kn= 400/5A 10Va Kl 0,5 Fs 5
Myrra 25433 Transformer Myrra 25433 S3400