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Cooling Fan

Beat the heat and keep your devices running smoothly - shop our selection of high-quality cooling fans today! A cooling fan is an essential component in electronic devices and equipment that helps dissipate heat and prevent overheating. It works by circulating air over the heat-generating components, transferring the heat away from the device and into the surrounding environment. Cooling fans are used in a wide range of applications, from personal computers to industrial equipment, and come in various sizes and designs to fit specific requirements.

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Fantec F12038B2Lt Cooling Fan Kit
Fantec, Llc.
Gardtec, Inc.
Part Number: F12038B2Lt
220~240V 50/60Hz
0.15 Amp
Ball Bearing

Rs 498-047 Slim Fan 120 X 120 X 25Mm 220/240V~ 50/60Hz Rs Stock No: 498-047 120 X 120 X 25 Mm 220/240V~ 50/60Hz 18/17W 0.09/0.09A 2200/2600 Rpm Ala-04067-004 Cat. 98 C2K24
Fengda Electric Fd1750A2Hs Cooling Fan 220-240V 50/60Hz Deqing Fengda Electric Co., Ltd. 172X172X51Mm Sleeve Bearing Fd1750A2Hs
Sunon A2123-hbl Axial Cooling Fan 220-240V 50/60Hz Sunon A2123-hbl Gn 220-240V~ 50/60Hz  0.14/0.12Amp
Nidec V35132-55Ra Cooling Fan 24V Dc 0.45A Nidec Model: V35132-55Ra 332896-c01  Rev: 03 
Minebea Fba08A24H Inverter Cooling Fan Dc24V 0.15A Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation Nmb-mat Model: Fba08A24H 1J11A72.-1A Dc24V 0.15A
Minebea-matsushita Fba09A24M Cooling Fan Dc24V 0.13A Minebea-matsushita Motor Corporation Nmb-mat Model: Fba09A24M 7C02A73.-1A Dc24V 0.13A
Ebmpapst 512 F/2 Cooling Fan Var 531 Ebmpapst 512 F/2 12V Dc 85Ma 1W Var. 531 Us-pat: 5831359
Ebm-papst 8880-n Cooling Fan 230V 50/60Hz Ebm-papst Uk Ltd Rs Cooling Fan Bali Bearing 8880-n 230V~50Hz 50Ma 9W 230V~60Hz 50Ma 8W Zp
Papst-motoren 4650 N Cooling Fan 230V 50/60Hz Papst-motoren Rittal-werk Rudolf Loh Gmbh & Co. Kg Typ: 4650 N 230V ~ 50Hz 19W 230V ~ 60Hz 18W 411 Us-pat: 4098547, 4221546 Gb-pat: 1534884, 1534885 2364 Fan-and-filter Unit Sk 3150 1S Art Nr: Sk 3150100
Nmb 3110Rl-05W-b69 Cooling Fan Nmb Minebea-matsushita Motor Corporation 7 Model: 3110Rl-05W-b69 Fk2-0364 01 24V Dc 0.22A F02
Ebm-papst 4650 N Cooling Fan 230V~50Hz Ebm-papst 4650 N 230V~50Hz 120Ma 19W 230V~60Hz 110Ma 18W
Nmb-mat 4715Ms-23T-b4A Cooling Fan 230V 50/60Hz Nmb-mat Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation Thermally Protected Model: 4715Ms-23T-b4A 230V~Ac 50/60Hz
Sunon Ma2072-hvl Cooling Fan 220-240V~ 50/60Hz C Maglev Ma2072-hvl 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 4.3/4.4W
Papst Multifan 8318 Electronic Component Fan 48V Assy.By Papst Farnell Papst-motoren Multifan 8318 48V- Dc 54Ma 2,6W (36-56V-dc) + Red – Black
Orion Fans Od1238-12Mb Cooling Fan Dc – 12V 0.35 A Orion Fans Knight Electronics Brushless Dc Fan Ball Model: Od1238-12Mb Dc – 12V 0.35 A
Sunon Kd1212Ptb1-6A Cooling Fan 12Vdc Sunon Kd1212Ptb1-6A Dc12V-4.8W Zp Clx H5A402
Sunon Sf23080At/2082Hbl.Gn Cooling Fan 50/60Hz Sunon Rs Impedance Protected Sf23080At 2 0 8 2 H B L. G N 220-240V~ 50/60Hz 0.07/0.07Amp Clx B91017
Knight Electronics Brushless Dc Fan Model: Od1238-12Mb Dc 12V 0.35A Ball Jc E170149
Sunon Kd2412Pts3-6A Cooling Fan 24Vdc Sunon Kd2412Pts3-6A Dc24V 3.1W Zp Clx H6C142
Sunon Kd2412Pts3-6A Axial Fan 24Vdc Sunon Kd2412Pts3-6A Dc24V 3.1W Zp Clx
Arx Fd2460-c0151E Ceradyna Fan 60X60X25Mm Arx Act-rx Technology Corporation Rs Ceramic Bearing Fan  Ceradyna Fan Fd2460-c0151E Dc 24V 0.23A Zp E145724
Mitsubishi Electric C164A217H01 Fan Cover Mitsubishi Electric Part Name: Fan Cover C164A217 Part Number: K09 H02 020066 C164A217H01
Zebronics Lga 775 Cpu Cooling Fan Zebronics  Cpu Cooling Fan Lga 775
Minebea-matsushita Nmb-mat 7 1611Kl-04W-b59 Dc Cooling Fan Minebea-matsushita Motor Corporation Nmb-mat 7 Model: 1611Kl-04W-b59 12V Dc 0.39A