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Take control of your industrial automation processes with our top-quality switches. Our switches provide reliable and efficient switching solutions that can handle the toughest industrial environments, giving you the flexibility and versatility you need to achieve optimal performance.

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Stem E710 1V Magnetic Switch 250V Ac
Magnetic Switch
Mod.: E710 1V

Penn/Johnson Controls F61Kb-11C Flow Control Switch
Johnson Controls, Inc
F61 Series Standard Flow Switches
Flow Control

Kraus & Naimer Kg64 Disconnect Switch 60 Amp.
Kraus & Naimer Produktion Gmbh 

Manual Motor Controller
60 Amp.
600 V A.C.
Iec60947-3, En60947-3, Vde0660-107

Danfoss Rt 117 Pressure Control Switch Pb 42 Bar/Mwp 609 Psig Danfoss Type: Rt 117 Pressure Pe 150-430 Psig 10-30 Bar~ Kp/Cm2 1.0-3.0 Mpa Pb 42 Bar/Mwp 609 Psig Gl 017A1752 Ac1 10A Ac3 4A
La38203 Button Switch La38209B Button Switch La38203 La38209B La38 Series Ui: 440V  Ith: 10A
Kraus & Naimer Ca10 A370 Rotary Switch Kraus & Naimer Ca10 A370 H87312/052 Uks 10(6) A 380V~ 380V~ 16A 12A 660V~ 16Amp
Unimax 20A, 125, 250, 480V,Ac Limit Switch Unimax 2Rb-1 / 2Ab-1 20A, 125, 250, 480V,Ac
Honeywell Bz-2R24-a2N67 Snap Acting/Limit Switch Honeywell Micro Bz-2R24-a2N67 7411 15A, 125 250 Or 480 Vac
80,000 Series Toggle Switch E170607 80,000 Series 10A 277Vac 20A 125Vac
Santon Srp 334 Rotry Switch Santon Type: Srp 334 Prod: W16/2006 Iec947-3  Ith: 40A
Wiska Sp-cee 1832 Switch Interior Wiska Hoppmann & Mulsow Gmbh Complete With Knob For Cee-socket With Switch Sp-cee 1832 Switch Interior 32/94 32A 500V~
Kobelt 6511-sp6/6511-sw2 Small Switch Panel Kobelt Limited
Ego 2 5540312 201 Temperature Control Switch Ego 2 5540312 201
Westinghouse W2 Rotary Switch 20A 600V Westinghouse Elect. Corp Type: W2 Switch
Dreefs 2937 T85 Electric Door Switch Dreefs  Electric Door Switch 2Dps 2937 T85 16A 250Vac 13(4)A 250Vac 10A 250Vac
Westinghouse La3400Wsk Molded Case Switch 400 Amp Westinghouse Molded Case Switch 400 Amp Saf-t-vue Cat.No: La3400Wsk 3 Poles Style No: 752B042G07 N.P.: 255P370H06C Open Above 4000A.
Westinghouse La3400Fsn Molded Case Switch 400 Amp Max 600V Ac 250V Dc Westinghouse Electric Corporation Molded Case Switch No Overcurrent Protection Cat No: La3400Fsn Type La 3 Pole 400A Max 186P967H01 100P824H02H 400 Amp Max 600V Ac 250V Dc
Westinghouse La3400Fsn Molded Case Switch Westinghouse Electric Corporation Molded Case Switch No Overcurrent Protection Cat No: La3400Fsn  Type La 3 Pole 400A Max 186P967H01 100P824H02H 400 Amp Max 600V Ac 250V Dc Pn: 255P494H01B Cat No: T225La 6-350 Mcm Cu 275 In-lbs Cat No: T401La 4 To 250 & 3/0 To 600 Mcm Cu Cat No: Tb225La
Stromberg Oetl 315K3 Switch Disconnector 50…60Hz Stromberg Oetl 315K3 Iec 947-3 Ith 315A 50…60Hz
Honeywell Bz-2Rw82272100-a2 Micro Switch 250V Honeywell Micro Switch
Honeywell Bz-2Rw82272-a2 Micro Switch 1A 125Vac Honeywell  Micro Switch
Cherry Elect E19 Limit Switch 15A 125 Or 250 Vac Cherry Elect.Prod.Corp E19
Omron V-162-1A6 Small Basic Switch 16A 250Vac Omron V-162-1A6
Schneider Electric Cct15365 Time Switch 50-60 Hz Schneider Electric Cct15365 110-230V~ 50-60 Hz R200H (230V) R100H (110V) 1329 00008 H 16(4) 250~
16(4)/250~ T85 Micro Switch 16(4)/250~ T85