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If you're looking to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your industrial automation processes, then Aeliya Marine Tech's high-quality amplifiers are an excellent solution. Our amplifiers collection enhances the performance of your sensors and transducers, providing reliable and accurate readings in a wide range of applications. Our amplifiers come in a variety of types and models, including DC amplifiers, AC amplifiers, and signal conditioners. We offer products that are compatible with different types of sensors and transducers, making it easy to integrate them into your existing automation systems. With Aeliya Marine Tech's amplifiers, you can improve the performance of your machinery, reduce downtime, and increase overall productivity. Our products are built to last, with high-quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability in harsh industrial environments.

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Pepperl+Fuchs Kfd2-ut-ex1 Universal Temperature Measurement Amplifier 112879 Pepperl+Fuchs K-system Universal Temperature Measurement Amplifier Type/Typ: Kfd2-ut-ex1 Part No: 112879 Ii (1) G D [Eexia] Iic Bas01Atex7256 Ii 3 G Eex N A Ii T4 Tuv02Atex1797X
Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd Isolation Amplifier Rishducer Tv 808 Type: Tv-808-1223 9Z 0Z 85…230V Ac/Dc Aux
Anttron A225 Indoor Amplifier Anttron Evology Indoor Amplifier A225 230V~/50Hz Pmax: 4W
Vickers Eea-pam-119-a-10 Power Amplifier  Vickers Eea-pam-119-a-10 0.16A 83321 
St Me02 Feedback & Control Amplifier Board St Feedback & Control Amplifier Rectifier Charger Control Card
Raytheon Anschutz 139-147.E03 Rudder Position Amplifier Raytheon Anschutz Gmbh Phoenix Contact Rudder Position Amplifier 139-147.E03 Tf 4000055005843 E1 (2A/T) 139-147.03-008 Bs 4000055005843
Isolation Amplifier  2204 2204D 2204S201 2204Bod Supply: 24 V 1,3 W
Blonder Tongue Muvb-45 Distribution Amplifier 220V 50/60Hz Blonder Tongue Laboratories Masterline Distribution Amplifier Muvb-45 Stock No: B1454 220V 50/60 Hz Jdtl3A
Terra Ha126 House Amplifier 230V Terra House Amplifier Ha126 Frequency Range: 47-862 Mhz
Pepperl+Fuchs Kcd2-e Terminal Amplifier 18352S Pepperl+Fuchs K-serie/K-series Kcd2-e Part.No: 18352S Control Circuit Din: 19234 Uo Ca. 8V Jk Ca. 8Ma
Pepperl+Fuchs 00104 T4 Transistor-isolation Amplifier Pepperl+Fuchs Transistor -trennverstärker/ Transistor-isolation Amplifier Part. No: 00104 Typ/Type T4 Ptb Nr. Iii B/E-22 305 S-u Steuer-stromkreis/Control Circuit (Ex) I G5
Autronica Ga-112/A Dual Thermocouple Amplifier 12-32 Vdc Autronica Phoenix Contact Dual Thermocouple Amplifier Type: Ga-112/A E-2138/2 Input: Thermocouple Nicrnial Output: 4-20 Ma, Two Wire
Phoenix Contact Mcr-fl-c-ui-ui-b-dci-24/230 Isolating Amplifier 28 64 32 5 Phoenix Contact Conf. Converter Mcr-fl-c-ui-ui-b-dci-24/230 Art.-nr.: 28 64 32 5 24…230Vac/Dc Input: +/-10V +/-20Ma Output: +/-10V Error: Less Than 0,1% Cutoff Frequency: 30Hz/8Khz Isolation: 4Kv, 50Hz, 1Min
Kongsberg Gn-100/A Thermocouple Amplifier 0-600°C Nicr/Nial Made By Kongsberg Maritime Connection Box Gn-100/A Thermocouple Amplifier 0-600°C Nicr/Nial
Rishabh Rishducer Tv 808 Isolation Amplifier  Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Rishducer Tv 808 Isolation Amplifier Type: 808-1223 9Z 0Z
Blonder-tongue Bida-450-30 Distribution Amplifier Blonder-tongue Labs Inc. Distribution Amplifier Model: Bida-450-30 50-450Mhz, 30Db Gain
Turck Ms1-22Ex0-r Isolating Switch Amplifier 230 Vac 4A Manufacturer W.Turck Gmbh & Co.Kg Turck Elektronik-feinbau Multi Safe Ms1-22Ex0-r 230 Vac Switching-amplifier Supply Voltage: 190…250 Vac 48…62 Hz/Cps Relay-output: Ac 250 V; 4A Cos ϕ 0,7 Dc 60 V; 0,5A Control-circuits: Din 19234 (Namur)
Hdm Tech Ms.C2U Amplifier 24V Hdm Tech Co., Ltd. Ms.C2U Supply.Alim:  24V Dc/Cc 4.20Ma Type Couple:  K

Fireye Euvs4 Flame Amplifier Module
Flame Amplifier Module

Baumer Loopisolater I/I Amplifier Baumer Loopisolater I/I

Vickers Kdg2-8A-a-614 891-10 Amplifier Board
Sperry Vickers
Kdg2 8A A 614 891 10 
Amplifier Card 
Hva Pcb Locker

Vickers Kdg2-8A-a-614 891-10 Amplifier Board
sperry vickers

elect supply 24v= magnet 12v

Vickers Kdg2-8A-ar-614 892-10 Amplifier Board
Sperry Vickers
Kdg 2-8A-ar-614892-10
Part Descript : Amplifier
0C2 0011286

Vegatrenn 149A Ex Food Separator Amplifier 20…253V Dc/Ac 50/60 Hz
149A Ex
Trenn 149A Ex

Yaskawa Electric Jbam-a108 Amplifier
Yaskawa Electric
Bstr Ampl