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Unlock the potential of your industrial automation with our top-performing contactors. Make the switch to a more efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for controlling electrical power today.

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Fanal Vzp3 Contactor
Metzenauer & Jung
U= 500V~
I= 6A

Telemecanique La7-d3064 Contactor Telemecanique La7-d3064 Weight: 260 Gm
Bhartia Cutler-hammer C320Kgtc11 Contactor Series A2 10A 690V Bhartia Cutler-hammer Cutler-hammer Cutler-hammer Control C320Kgtc11 Series A2
Siemens Sirius 3Rt2017-1Ap01 Contactor 230V 50/60Hz Siemens Ag Sirius Contactor  3Rt2017-1Ap01 G/170626 *E06* 230V 50/60Hz Iec/En/K 60947-5-1 50/60Hz Gb/T14048.5/ 50Hz Ieac-1: 22A Ui: 690V Torque: 7…10.3 Lb.In 0.8…1.2 Nm Jem Ac3.1.0-0 Aux. Cont. A600/Q600 75°C Cu Wire Only 3P 380V 12A Ac-3 Ktl Sw02006-11003
Siemens Sirius 3Rh2140-1Ap00 Contactor Relay 230V 50/60Hz Siemens Ag Sirius Contactor Relay 3Rh2140-1Ap00 G/181123 *E06* 40E 230V 50/60Hz Iec/En 60947-5-1 50/60Hz Gb/T14048.5/ 50Hz Ui: 690V Torque: 7…10.3 Lb.In 0.8…1.2 Nm 10A 240Vac A600/Q600 75°C Cu Wire Only 1P3Rh2140-1Ap00+Sg/181123687318 Ac15: 10A 230V  4No
Abb K31E Contactor 220-240V 50/60Hz Abb K31E K.. Ith: 10A Ui: 690V~ Iec 947-5-1 En 60947-5-1
Togami Electric Clk-50H-p8Al Magnetic Contactor 24V 50/60Hz Togami Electric Magnetic Contactor Type: Clk-50H-p8Al Ac3.2.3-2 220V 50A 460V 38A Ac1.2.3-2 220V 60A 460V 57A
Sprecher+Schuh Cs 3-22E Contactor 20A 690~ Sprecher+Schuh -22E Cs 3 Iec 947 En 60947 Uimp: 8Kv Ac-1 690V~20A 600Vac Max. A600 P600 20A Single 12A 3-phase 250Vac
Schneider Electric Lc1D09 Contactor 220V 50/60Hz Schneider Electric Telemecanique Tesys Lc1D09 M7 220V 50/60Hz Ith: 25A Ui: 690V  Uimp: 6Kv Iec/En 60947-4-1 Jis C8201-4-1 Hw02001-1001A 3P Ac 220/440V 11A Gb14048.4 600V A.C. Max. Cont. Current: 25A Aux. Cont.: A600-p600 Awg 10-18 Cu 75°C Torque: 15 Lb.In. Strip (L): 5/16”
Fuji Electric Sc-n10 Magnetic Contactor Sc2Cbaa-c Fuji Electric (Changshu) Co., Ltd. Magnetic Contactor Product Name: Ac Contactor Product Model: Sc Series Type: Sc-n10 Sc2Cbaa-c Jis C 8201 Gb 14048.4 Iec/En 60947 Vde 0660 Nk: 99T410 Ac-1=Ith=260A Uimp=8Kv Ui=1000 (Main) Continuous Current: 260A Aux. Cont. A600 Q300 75°C Wire Cu Only Cf06666314F 100-127V 50/60Hz Dc 100-120V Sc-n10M8-c
Fuji Electric Sc-5-1 [19] Magnetic Contactor 4Nc0H0 50/60Hz Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd. Type: Sc-5-1 Sc-5-1 [19] Cat.No: 4Nc0H0 Jem,Lr,Bv Nk: 88 T4 12 (Ac 3•0•0-0) Iec•Vde Bs (Ac3) Max.Ratings Hp (3Ph) Ith= 20 Aux.Cont A600, Q300 60/75°C Wire Cu Only
Fuji Electric Sc-0 [13] Magnetic Contactor 50/60Hz Fuji Electric Fa Sc-0 [13] Jis C 8201 Ac- Iec/En 60947 Vde 0660 Gb 14048.4 Nk: 88T407 Ac-3
Moeller Dil M185-s Power Contactor Dil M1000-xhi11-si Moeller Dil M185-s Dil M185(-s) Iec/En 60947 Ie= Ith 275 20 Nm 3Ph 600 V Max.225 A Open Cu 75°C Wire A000319 Dil M1000-xhi Dil M1000-xhi11-si 0,8-1,2 Nm Ith 10A Awg 18-14 A600 P300
Siemens 3Tb54 17-0B 3 Pole Contactor 600Vac Siemens 3Tb54 3Tb54 17-0B Vde 0660 Iec 158 Ie/Ac1 300A 240/215A Open/Encl.
Telemecanique Lc1F500 Contactor 220/230V 50/60Hz Telemecanique Square D Contactors Lc1F500 Iec 947-4-1 Bs Nf Vde En 60947-4-1 Csa C22.2N14 Ul 508 Iec 947 En 60947 Nfc 63-110 Bs 5424 Vde 0660 Ui: 1000V~ Ith: 700A Uimp: 8 Kv Jem Ac3 1.0-0
Fuji Electric Sh-4 Auxiliary Contactor 4Sh422 Fuji Electric Co., Ltd Type: Sh-4 Cat.No: 4Sh422 Jis C 4531 Iec 337-1 Vde 0660 Bs 4794 Lr Bv A600 Q300
Fuji Electric Sc-05 [13] Magnetic Contactor 4Nc0G0 50/60Hz Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Sc-05 [13] Jem.Lr.Bv Nk88T409 (Ac3.0.0-0) Iec.Vde. Bs (Ac3) Ac1= Ith= 20A Type: Sc-05 Cat.No: 4Nc0G0
Allen-bradley 599-b Auxiliary Contact Interlock Assembly 10A 690V Allen-bradley Moor Cat: 599-  Ser: B Nema 600V Ac Max A600 Q600
Mitsubishi S-n11 Magnetic Contactor 20A 50/60Hz Mitsubishi Electric Magnetic Contactor Model: S-n11 004C Ith= 20A Jis C 8201-4-1 Jem 1038 Nk94T416 Continuous/Ith= 20A Ac-3.0.0-0
Allen-bradley 599-b Auxiliary Contact Interlock Assembly 600V 10A Allen-bradley Moor Cat: 599  Ser: B 600V Ac Max A600 Q600
Telemecanique Lc1-d099 Contactor Lc1-d099Ma60 50/60Hz Telemecanique Name: Contactor Lc1-d099 A 65 Ith: 25 A Ui: 660 V Ac3: 9 A 500V~ Max Jem Ac3.1.0-0
Fuji Electric Sc-1N [26] Magnetic Contactor Fuji Electric Magnetic Contactor Sc-1N [26] Ac1= Ith= 50A Jem Lr Bv Ac-3.1.0-0 Nk: 84T421 Cat No: 4Nc0T0# Type: Sc-1N Max: 200 5
Fuji Electric Sc-e05Pcs Contactor 32A 200-240V 50Hz Fuji Electric(Changshu) Co., Ltd Terasaki Electric Co., Ltd Product: Ac Contactor Sc-e05Pcs Se22Aapcs-c Jis C 8201 Ac-3 Gb 14048.4 Iec/En 60947 Vde 0660 Ac-1=Ith= 32A Uimp: 6 Kv
Telemecanique Lc1-d169 Contactor 660 V 40A 50-60Hz Telemecanique Contactor Lc1-d169 A 65 Iec 158-1 Nf C 63110 Vde 0660 Bs 5424 Ith: 40 A Ui: 660 V T 85 40A 500V~ Max
Rheem Ap12841 Contactor 40 A 120V 50/60 Hz Rheem Ap12841 Coil 120 Vac 50/60 Hz 30 Fla 40 Amp Res. Per Pole 600V Max Torque For Cu 75C