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Precise measurement and control begins with the right sensors. Automation offers a wide range of industrial sensors to enhance the performance and accuracy of your operations. Improve your automation with our cutting-edge sensor solutions.

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Killark Gemt-1 Conduit Outlet Body With K20170089
Stock No: 00005616
Igniter/Retraction Assembly-1705Lg
Amos No.: (644.055.71.324)

Praxis Sensor Supply Module Rev A, Ba Praxis Automation Technology Type: Rev.: Ba
Oerlikon Leybold Di2000 Vacuum Sensor 12-30Vdc Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Typ: Di2000  P: 0…2 Bar A
Brahma Fc11 Flame Sensor Brahma Fc11 Weight: 50 Gm
Rosemount 8800-0250-0002 Vortex Flow Meter Sensor 200566N Rosemount Vortex Sensor 8800-0250-0002
Ifm Pa3020 Pressure Sensor Ifm Electronic Pa3020 Ub: 9.6…32 V Dc Ia: 4…20 Ma Port-size: G ¼ Prange   Pmax   Unit 0…400      600    Bar
Praxis Automation Sensor Supply Unit Praxis Automation Sensor Supply Unit Io Processor Xp-117
Praxis Automation 6010-din Sensor Supply Module 24V Praxis Automation Technology 6010-din Sensor Supply Module Xs101
Praxis Automation Xs105 Sensor Supply Module, 24V Praxis Automation Technology 6010-din Sensor Supply Module Xs105
Praxis Automation Xs107 Sensor Supply Module Praxis Automation Technology Xs107 6010-din Sensor Supply Module
Novotechnik P 6501 A 502 Rotary Sensor 012194 Novotechnik Dino Pot Typ: P 6501 A 502 F.Nr: 012194 R 5KΩ ± 10%
Brannstrom B1301 Sensor Unit Brannstrom  Heishin Pump Works Co., Ltd. Sensor Unit
Abb Es100-9594 Current Transformer Sensor 100A Abb Es100-9594 R 13298A25 Np/Ns:1/1000 Ipn: 100A Va±15V Modif: 5
Thiim K31-51550 Phase Sensor Relay 50/60Hz Thiim/ C.Thiim Thermo King  Container  Part No: K31-51550 Pae Cte Tr 50
Hoppe Hcg2011 M04 P1 Pressure Sensor Hoppe Bord-messtechnik Sensor Hcg2011 M04 P1 Output: 4…20Ma 2-wire Nom. Range: 2500 Mbar Rel.
Omron E2A-m18Ks08-wp-c2 Proximity Sensor 08252500 Omron Corporation Proximity Sensor Type: E2A-m18Ks08-wp-c2 (8.0Mm) 26X18M 08252500
Balluff Bcs007Y Capacitive Level Sensor Balluff Bcs007Y 06416595 009 1451D2 +D.Eq-ws417 Weight: 80 Gm
Trafag 8202,78,2210 Pressure Transmitter 0-10 Bar Trafag Sensors Control Press Transducer Type: 8202,78,2210 Range: 0…10 Bar-g 0…1 Mpa-g 12…34V Dc/4…20Ma/Ta -25…+85°C
Endress+Hauser Cus51D-aac1B2 Cable Assembly Cus 3M M12 Sensor Endress+Hauser Turbimax Kabelbaugr/Cable Assembly Cus 3M M12 3 Meter Order Code:  Cus51D-1144/0 Cus51D-aac1B2 Material-nr: 71104790
Druck Pdcr 921-1742 Pressure Sensor D921-035g-1742 Druck  Pdcr 921-1742 Druck Ltd. General Electric Ge Measurement & Control Emerson Process Management Rosemount Tank Radar Ab Elimistat Pdcr 921-1742 +/-1000 Mbar G 5 Volts Pdcr Is-1745
Pcb Piezotronics A0394l Vibration Sensor D25785-003 Rev.3 Pcb Piezotronics A0394l Manufacturer: Pcb Piezotronics, Inc Emerson Vibration Sensor P/n: Ex608m78a/010ad A0394lc  Model: A0394l Ex Ia Iib T4 Ga Amb.temp: -40°c ~ + 85°c Ccoe No: P420896/1 D25785-003 Rev.3 Description: 3-wire Accelerometer Lcie 10, Atex 3031x Ex Ia Iic T4 Ga, Ta= 121°c
Ariston Atm/N/Ex Level Sensor 10-30 V Dc Ariston Atm/N/Ex 342.0825.1705.04.Uk P: 0…4 Bar A Pmax: 12 Bar Ta: -25…85°C 35 M Ii 1G Eex Ia Iic/Iib T4 Snch 02 Atex 3417 Ui= 10…30 V Dc Ii Less Than 135 Ma Pi Less Than 0.9 W Ci= 10 Nf + 0.12Nf/M
Sensor Gp Speed 60-7864 Proximity Sensors Sensor Gp, Speed Part Descr: Sensor Gp, Speed Engine Pn: 60-7864
Electro Motive 3040A Pickup Magnetic Sensor Electro Motive Ec  Pickup Magnetic 3040A
Electro Corporation 722543 K Speed Sensor Ec Electro Corporation