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Solenoid Valve

Welcome to our solenoid valve superstore - the ultimate destination for all your solenoid valve, equipment, and spare part needs. Our comprehensive range of solenoid valves features leading brands such as Festo, Danfoss, Parker, Rexroth, SMC, Asco, and many more. We provide various options including new, used, and surplus stock, all at unbeatable prices.

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Eaton 6Vatm90°C Tu60°C Inlet Valve 2-v Warm Water 220/240V~50Hz Eaton Inlet Valve 2-v Warm Water 220/240V~50Hz 6Vatm90°C Tu60°C A.B.3Min/5Min Tu25°C 100%Ed 0,2 – 10Bar
Lucifer 488980 7J Solenoid Valve Ip65 Lucifer Haakon Ellingsen A/S Ei.Data See Coil 8971 488980 7J F 220V 60Hz 230V 60Hz Ip 65
Ypc Sf5101-ip Solenoid Valve 220V 60Hz Ypc Air & Spring Return Solenoid Valve Sf5101-ip Press: 1.5~10Bar Solenoid Coil
Kip 263015-0853 Solenoid Valve Kip Inc. Norgren Valve No.: 263015-0853 Orifice: 1/8 Volts: 230/50 Mopd: 150
4326M212-VS2B Spool Valve Spool Valve  Desc: 4326M212-vs2B  Item Code: Dbad2Ca7100 Prod No: Wtrf56098 Item Code: Dbab1Amid40
Smc Vt4115 Solenoid Valve Ac 220V 50/60Hz Smc  Solenoid Valve Model: Vt4115 Press.: 0~1 Mpa {0~10.2 Kgf/Cm2}
Imi Norgren V74G-4Ak-nmn Excelon Pressure Relief Valve Imi Norgren Model: V74G-4Ak-nmn Relief: 15-150 Psig
Parker A3Lb2177 Solenoid Valve 120 Volts 60Hz Parker Fluid Control Div. Skinner Swagelok Valve No. A3Lb2177 120 Volts
Rotex 67400-6-2G Double Solenoid Valve 57400-6-2G 220Vac Rotex Automation Limited Fluid Control System Type: 57400-6-2G Atm: 2-10 Code: 67400-6-2G Media: Air Solenoid-type 6
Norgren x-nme 127-23425 solenoid valve 0-10 bar
model:*x-nme 127-23425/0048
pressure:0-10 bar
Alfa Laval 9611923032 Service Valve Kit Alfa Laval Service Kit Epdm Lkb Iso 76
Schrader I.S.2148-1981 Solenoid Operated Valve 110Vac Schrader Duncan Limited Schrader International I.S.2148-1981 Group I, Iia, Ii B
Parker 316 Parker T&B Swagelok N91
Kendrion 41 01409K02 Single Stroke Solenoid For Boiler Kendrion 41 01409K02 102 Vdc 0,29A 100%Ed
Lucifer 483541B5 Solenoid Valve Coil 110V/60Hz Lucifer 483541B5 Ez96B5
Smc Solenoid Valve Ac176-242V 50Hz Smc Ac176-242V 50Hz
Burkert 0331 C 3,0 Nbr Ms Solenoid Valve 230V 50-60Hz 8W Burkert Hirschmann 0331 C 3,0 Nbr Ms Flnsch Pn0-10Bar 230V 50-60Hz 8W
Burkert 6014 C 1,5 Fkm Ms Solenoid Valve 00188860 Burkert Direct Acting Type: 6014  Id-no: 00188860 C 1,5 Fkm Ms G1/8 Pn0-10Bar 24V 50-60Hz 8W W21Ag W2Zaa
Pnv-4Ip Valve Manifold 1000Psi Model: Pnv-4Ip Moc. Ss316
Joucomatic 541 90 860 Double Solenoid Valve 220V 60Hz Joucomatic Cod/Code: 541 90 860 346 00 173 19200003
Joucomatic 541 90 860 Solenoid Valve Joucomatic Cod/Code: 541 90 860
Burkert Ptb 02 Atex 2094X Solenoid Valve 100-120V Ac/Dc 7W Burkert Ptb 02 Atex 2094X Ii  2 G Ex E Mb Iic T4 Gb 641-4104 100-120V Ac/Dc 7W 00618922 W27Me Iecex Ptb 05.0016X Ptb 00 Atex 3119 X 5281 A 13.0 Nbr Ms
Asco Scx E210D095 Ymo Solenoid Valve 48/60F 11.5W Asco Catalogue No: Scx E210D095 Ymo  Medium:  Air 7 Bar Water 7 Bar Pipe: 3/4 Orf/N.W: 19
Asco 400425-205 Solenoid Valve Coil Asco Catalogue No: 1762824-01 Medium: Water 9 Bar Pipe: 3/4
Konan 453S202C-d4 Valve 0.2-0.7Mpa Konan 453S202C-d4 -d03