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We are committed to providing high-quality industrial automation solutions to help businesses increase efficiency and productivity. Our range of detectors, including photoelectric, proximity, and ultrasonic sensors, are designed to provide accurate and reliable feedback on various industrial processes. We offer customization options and excellent customer service to ensure our products meet your specific needs. Trust us for your detector needs and experience the benefits of our top-quality products and support.

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Teamtec 12500 Thermocouple Type N-300 Assembly
Marine Products
Art.No./No: 12500

Autronica Bhh-31A Optical Smoke Detector Autronica Optical Smoke Detector Type: Bhh-31A Id-no.: A022311 45
Abb Ri 250KΩ Isolation Monitor Meter Abb Ri: 250KΩ 0-10 ∞ MΩ
Deif Ri 250KΩ Meter Isolation Monitor 3 Deif  Isolation Monitor 3 Ri: 250KΩ
H&B Elima 0-150V Analog Voltmeter H&B  Hartmann & Braun Elima
Meco-v Sr65 Analog Voltmeter 0-300V Meco-v Sr65 I,S, 1248 0-300V
Deif 0-10∞M (Ohm) Isolation Monitor Deif Isolation Monitor 3 0-10∞MΩ Ri: 250KΩ
Kt Electric 9410-30A Input Board Kt Electric Input Board 9410-30A Weight: 90 Gm
Kt Electric 9410-20Fa-1 Purifier Control Display Board Kt Electric Co. Purifier Control Display Board 9410-20Fa-1 Weight: 240 Gm
Senmatic Ptl 1/1/2/6/4/1/1/1 Detector Senmatic Garo Ptl 1/1/2/6/4/1/1/1
Rishabh 0-400A Analog Ammeter Rishabh 0-400A
Siemens Lfe10 Flame Detector Ser 02 Siemens Ag Lfe10 Serie/Series: 02 4Va 220-240V~50-60Hz
Siemens Qra2 Burner Flame Detector Flame Siemens Landis & Gyr Qra2
Toyo Keiki Acf-12Nb Ammeter Ct 1200 A/5A Toyo Keiki No: Arh40123 Acf-12Nb Ct 1200 A/5A 400 0-400 A
Trafag 8736.20.2300.Lj Gas Density Monitor Trafag Ag Sensors+Controls Designed For Abb Limited Density Monitor With Indicator Gas Density Monitor 8736 Type: 8736.20.2300.Lj Abb-no: 1Hyb 400202-1 P1 Abs: 620 +10Kpa (20°C) P2 Abs: 600 +10Kpa (20°C) P3 Abs: 600 +10Kpa (20°C) P4 Abs: +10Kpa (20°C)
Brahma U V. 1 Flame Detector Brahma
Siemens Qra 2 Uv Flame Detector Siemens
Aoben Ab1001 Electric Socket Tester 100-240V 50/60Hz Aoben Ab1001 Rcd IΔN Greater Than 30Ma Input: 100-240V
Soren T.Lyngso 359161000 V01 Smoke Detector 220V Soren T.Lyngso Gpv Elbau Electronics A/S Smoke Detector Type: 359161000 V01 Nr: 253424 W: 9904
Rae Arearae Steel Z1 Multiple Gas/ Multiple Sensor Detector Rae Systems Arearae Steel Z1 Pgm5520 295-880483 -20°C = Less Than Tamb = Less Than 45°C Ii 2 G Kema 07 Atex 0131
Inficon D-tek Refrigerant Leak Detector 12Vdc Inficon Leybold D-tek Refrigerant Leak
16E071 Flame Detector Weight: 50 Gm
Landis & Gyr Rar7 Burner Flame Detector Landis & Gyr Rar7 9412 Weight: 80 Gm
Safetec Bg 02.810 Detector Connection Module Safetec Detector Connection Module Art.Nr.: Bg 02.810 Art.Nr.: Pcb 02 810/2 2819/1182
Autronica Bja-33 Smoke Detector Autronica Bja-33