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Transform the way you control your industrial processes with Auto2mation's reliable relay solutions. Our advanced relays offer precise control and efficient operation for a variety of applications. Upgrade your automation today with our top-performing relays.

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Klockner Moeller Etr4-51-a Time Delay Relay Free Shipping By Express
Klockner Moeller
Ac 24…240V 50/60Hz
Dc 24…240V
B 300
Tightening Torque 1,2 Nm

Woodward Seg Xi1I5 Phase Overcurrent Protection Relay Woodward Seg Gmbh & Co.Kg Xi1-i Typ/Type: Xi1I5 Uv: 36-275 Vac/19-390Vdc
Merlin Gerin Vip35 Ground Fault Relay Merlin Gerin Vip35 Ind: H0 03143046Fa
Comat Ct2-e30/H Time Cube 20A Comat Ag Zeitwurfel Cube Temporise Time Cube I Tot: 20 A 10 A 400V 10 A 300V Ct2-e30/H Uc 90…265V
Gmi 110072127 Relay Board 24 Vdc Gmi Part No: 110072127 Relay Board
Gmi 110072159 Relay Board Gmi Part No: 110072159 Relay Board
Brodersen Unic Xt-s1 Spdt Multi Function Timer Relay Brodersen Teknik A/S Unic Xt Recycler Xt-s1  Spdt Contacts: Spdt 240V~/8A Dpdt 240V~/5A Eb 29
Schneider Electric Telemecanique Lrd 08 Thermal Overload Relay 690V-50/60Hz Schneider Electric Telemecanique Tesys Lrd 08 Ie: 2.5-4A Ue Max: 690V-50/60Hz Cl.10A Uimp: 6Kv Gb14048.4 Ii (2) Gd [Ex E] Ineris06Atex0036X 600V A.C. Max. Cl. 10 With Contactor Lc.D Or Adapter Lad7 Only Aux. Cont.: B600-r300
Tianshui 213 Jrs4-09/25D Thermal Relay 690V Tianshui 213 Machine Tool And Electrical Appliance Factory Thermal Relay Set Current Range 2.6~4 A 2,5-4A Jrs4-09/25D Jrs4-09308D Ui 690V~
Fuji Electric Tr-2Nl Thermal Overload Relay Fuji Electric Co.,Ltd. Thermal Overload Relay Tr-2Nl 18-26 A Rc F 232 67 904B
Siemens 3Th80 Control Relay 22-0A Siemens 3Th80 22-0A 22E Vde 0660 Iec 337 Bs 4794 2C + 2A Ith2= 16A
Siemens 3Ua54 Overload Relay 3Ua54 00-2Q 600Vac Siemens 3Ua54  3Ua54 00-2Q 25-36A Vde 0660 Iec 292-1 Ue 660V~ Type: “A”,“C”
Siemens 3Ua50 Thermal Overload Relay 3Ua50 00-0E Siemens 3Ua50 00-0E 0,25-0,4A Vde 0660 Iec 292-1 Ue 660V~ Type: “A”,“C” 1S+1O Ie/Ac11 1,1A 380V 600Vac Tripping Amps 125% Aux.Cont.B150 1No+1Nc
Siemens 3Th80 Contactor Relay 220V 50/60Hz Siemens 3Th80  22-u0A Vde 0660 Iec 337 Bs 4794 2C + 2A Ith2= 16A 2No 2Nc
Fuji Electric Tr13N Thermal Overload Relay 690V Fuji Electric Fa Tr-0N / Tr-on Tr13N 6-9 A Jem 1356 Jis C 8201 Aux.Cont. Ith= 3A Uimp: 6Kv Ui: 690V Trip Class 10A
Fuji Electric Tr-6N Thermal Overload Relay 110-160A Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. Thermal Overload Relay Jem Tr-110 Tr-6N 110 – 160 A F 232 67 904B
General Electric Rt1W Overload Relay General Electric Overload Relay Rt1W Ie/Setting Range= 30-40 A Iec 60947-4-1 Vde 0660 Ui= 690V Trip Clas. 10A Gb/T14048.4
Segc Mra1-110-d Trip Circuit Supervision Relay Segc Type: Mra1-110-d Febr.No: 2000090059 Un/Uv: 110Vdc
Cspc Mra1-110-d Circuit Supervision Relay 250Vac Cspc Mra1-110-d Contact Rating: 250Vac, 1000Va
Siemens 7Pu4340-2At20 Off Delay Time Relay 10S-100H 50/60Hz Siemens Off Delay 7Pu4340 G/9705 7Pu4340-2At20 Ac 380/440V 50/60Hz
Bently Nevada 3500/33 16 Channel Relay Module 94V Bently Nevada 16 Channel Relay Module Asset Condition Monitoring 3500 3500/33 Class 1 Division 2 Groups A, B, C, D Temp Code T4, Tamb=65°C Relay Contacts Rated: Max 5A; Max 250 Vac Tmr Relay Rated: Max 2A; Max 220 Vac For Function Safety Systems: Relay Contacts Rated: Max 5A; Max 30V Tmr Relay Rated: Max 2A; Ma 30V
Schneider Electric Lrd 16 Thermal Overload Relay W/ Lc1D12 Contactor Schneider Electric Telemecanique Lc1D12 Lrd 16 Ith: 25A Ui: 690V Uimp: 6Kv Iec/En 60947-4-1 Iec/En 60947-5-1 Jis C8201-4-1 Jis C8201-5-1 600V A.C. Max Cont.Current: 25A Awg 10-18 Cu 75°C 6.35Mm Terminal
Tele D6Dr Time Relay 5A 250V~ Tele U/T R D6Dr 0.5 – 1Time Vde 0435 Vde 0110 Igr: C/250 125Vac /125Va
Syrelec Bcr 24V Time Delay Relay 250V~ 10A Syrelec 1 - 10 Bcr 24V 2200 Va
Syrelec Bas 1 - 10 Time Relay 60-260V 0.7A (20°C) Syrelec Bas 1 - 10 10.260V Vde 0435 Vde 0110 Gr C I Max: 0.7A (20°C)