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Control Unit

Our control units are compatible with a variety of communication protocols, making them easy to integrate into existing systems. They are also equipped with user-friendly interfaces, allowing for easy programming and monitoring. Aeliya Marine Tech understand that industrial automation systems need to operate in harsh environments, and our control units are collected to withstand these conditions.

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Schneider Electric Lv847604 Micrologic 7.0 X Control Unit Schneider Electric Industries Sa Micrologic 7.0 X Lv847604
Bbc C105.15 Control Unit 40…60Hz Bbc Brown Boveri Tms Custorapid Steuergerat / Control Unit: C105.15 Vde 0160 Igr C / 250 Igr B / 380
Abb C105.15 Steuergerät/Control Unit 40…60Hz Abb-asea Brown Boveri Tms Custorapid Steuergerät/Control Unit C105.15 Vde 0160 Igr C/250 Igr B/380
Zhongyan Electronics 69784-1 Main Control Unit Zhongyan Electronics Main Control Unit
Sauter Eras 200 Control Unit Sauter Eras 200 Z-368019 368014 A 0…10V
Terasaki Emi-103,Emi-401,Emi-201,Emi-301,Extension Alarm Control Unit Terasaki Omron Extension Alarm Control Unit Central Emi-103 K/787/13-002B Timer Unit Emi-401 K/787/12-001B Input Interface Emi-201 K/787/10-001B Output Interface
Idec Apn116R Button Switch Control Unit 100/110V 50-60Hz Idec Control Unit Apn Type: Apn116R (Ø30) Twr Use Copper Wire 12-22Awg 1.3.N.M (11.4 In.Lbs) Primary 100/110V 50-60Hz
Hyundai Heem-2 Msu-112C Motor Auto Control Unit Hyundai Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd Type : Msu-112C
Idec Apn116G Pilot Light Control Unit 50/60Hz Idec Control Unit Type: Apn116G Apn (Ø30) Twr Use Copper Wire 12-22 Awg 1.3 N.M (11.4 In.Lbs)
Zhongyan Electronics 69782-1 User Unit Circuit Board Zhongyan Electronics  User Unit
Sse-8P N-1053 Control Unit Board Control Unit Sse-8P N-1053 Weight: 90 Gm
Vaisala Dmc 50 Rev: F Board Control Unit Vaisala Dmc 50 Rev: F Dmc50B *W11263* P.Dm66 B/F
Telemecanique Xal K174F Emergency Stop Control Station 330-871 Telemecanique Groupe Schneider Name: Control Station Emergency Stop Xal K174F Xalk174Faa Part #: 550.81.10.25. Maker Ref: 330-871 011359 Ip65
Yoshida Electric Ybn30-f Heavy Duty Control Unit 250V Yoshida Electric Ind. Co., Ltd Heavy Duty Control Unit Type: Ybn30-f Ybn30-fy22 Ycb-0001 41-11753
Musasino l3y control panel spare parts
Siemens S24246-c3552-a1 Local Door Control K42, 12-24Vdc/Dc Siemens Building Technologies Bewatoe Ab, A Siemens Company Codelock  Mod.No.: K42 P/N: S24246-c3552-a1 Rev.06 12-24Vdc/Dc 0743 Key No: 6

Jrcs scu-dn2  starter control unit
59 i
62 q

E.L.B. F-351 Purge Control Unit 48-62Hz E.L.B. Ex-gerate Purge Control Unit Type: F-351 Ii 2G Ex Mb E Ia [Px] [Ia] Iic T4 Vac/48-62Hz
Valmet Bcutb-v2 Binary Control Unit Valmet Wieland Bamberg Binary Control Unit
Micronet Plus Woodward 5 Slots With 8 Slot Chassis High Performance Control Unit Woodward Micronet Micronet Plus Cpu Mpu A I/O P/N: 5466-1002 Rev: C Cage: 31361 1007 Module-micronet-plus, 220 Vac/250 Vac Input,2 Ratings: 180-264 Vac 50/60 Hz Computername Vxm00012412 P/N: 5466-1035 Rev: H 1006 Module-micronet Cpu, Powerpc-5200, 400Mhz, 64Mb 401-1200 Rev: (C) 3175864 Sio P/N: 5501-471 Rev: E 1006 Module-netcon 5000B Sio W/Screw Posts 3M Din-096Cpc-ces70 129-kr 0610 Cont: 12667 5458-127 Rev: (A) 3407575 5501-471E/ 6714114 Tu: 12903 Mpu A I/O P/N: 5466-316 Rev: J
Inelteh Itdac-14 Alarm And Control Units Inelteh Rukavac Matulji Croatia Itdac-14 Analogue (Max.25Ma)
Rve Multibus Lightning Control Unit 50/60Hz Rve Multibus 85V/ 264Vac
Telemecanique Xb7-ev0.Mpn Pilot Light Led Control Unit 230V Telemecanique Schneider Electric Xb7-ev0.Mpn Led 230V~
Stahl 9001/01-086-150-10 Safety Barrier Made By R. Stahl Intrinspak Safety Barrier 9001/01-086-150-10 +6 V Ptb Nr. Ex-91.C.2046X Um= 250V Uz= 8,6 V Im= 150 Ma Class I, Groups A, B, C, D Class Ii, Groups E, F, G
Danfoss 061b100566 pressure control
mbc 5100 
pressure control