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We offer various types of filters, including fuel filters, oil filters, water filters, and air filters. We stock filters from well-known brands such as Parker, Racor, Baldwin, and Fleetguard. Our team of experts can help you select the right filter for your marine automation system, depending on the application and requirements.

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Finmotor Fin1200.010.V Line Filter
Finmotor S.R.L.
Filtro Cod./Filter Cod.:

Siemens 6Sl3000-0Be23-6Aa0 Line-filter For Active Line Siemens Line-filter For Active Line Module (I/R) (1P) 6Sl3000-0Be23-6Aa0 Version: B (1T) Zsy000109399523
Siemens 6Sl3000-0Be21-6Aa0 Line-filter For Active Line Module (I/R) Version: A Siemens Ag, Line-filter For Active Line Module (I/R) (1P) 6Sl3000-0Be21-6Aa0 6Sl3000-0Be21-6Aa0 (1T) Zsy000113341646 A5E00133589 Aa
Siemens 6Sl3000-0Be23-6Aa0 Line-filter For Active Line Module (I/R) 36Kw Siemens Ag, Line-filter For Active Line Module (I/R) (1P) 6Sl3000-0Be23-6Aa0 6Sl3000-0Be23-6Aa0 (1T) Zsy000117961340 A5E00133591 Ab Version: B
Abb 134137-003 Ge Power Filters 250V~/50-60Hz Rev.2 Abb Industry Oy Ge Power Filters Type: S-1207-25 134137-003 250V~/50-60Hz 25A@55°C 25/085/21.
Delta 10Dccg5B Emi Filter 10A 30Vdc Delta Emi Filter 10Dccg5B (Kuka Mn. 00-177-996) 30Vdc 10A U60°C E225806 Ver. X 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 / 0 20 00177996 0 000219 00 028082 87
Nemic-lambda Myw-1205-22 Noise Filter 5A 250V Nemic-lambda Noise Filter Myw-1205-22 250V~5A 50/60Hz Tv2500V~1 Min
Shanghai Eagtop Nfo-065 Power Line Filter 50/60Hz Shanghai Eagtop Electronic Technology Co., Ltd Power Line Filter Nfo-065
Schaffner Fn2060-6-06 Filter 110/250Vac / 50-60Hz Schaffner Fn2060-6-06 110/250Vac / 50-60Hz 6A@40°C / 25/100/21 0.22µF (X2)Sh 2X4,7 Nf(Y2)
Schaffner Fn 670-6/06 Power Line Filter Schaffner Fn 670-6/06 110/250V~/50/60Hz/Hpf(-25°+85°C) 5A/ ϑU40°C; 6A/ ϑU25°C 0.47µF(X2) Sh 0.15µF(X2) Sh
Tdk Zag2220-11S Noise Filter 250V~20A 50/60Hz Tdk Noise Filter Zag2220-11S 250V~20A 50/60Hz L-2X1.2Mh -25/+85°C R-2X2MΩ X2-2X0.22µF (Sh) Y-2X3300Pf
Tdk Zhg2203-h Noise Filter 250V~3A 50/60Hz Tdk  Noise Filter Zhg2203-h 250V~3A 50/60Hz  565-3 L-2X4.0Mh R-imΩ Y-2X2200 Pf

Naval of 3281 output filter
naval electronics ab
qc no:4057
of 3281

Schaffner Fn 258-30-07 Power Line Filter 480Vac/ 50-60Hz Schaffner Fn 258-30-07 480Vac/ 50-60Hz 30A @50°C/ -25° +85°C
Siemag Prs 315-2-ca-058K-k-4B Precision Air Filter Regulator Siemag Precision Series Filter Regulator Pressure Range Reduced 0 – 3.5 Kg/Cm2 Model No: Prs 315-2-ca-058K-k-4B
Delta Electronics 10Dccg5B Emi Filter 30Vdc 10A Delta Electronics Emi Filter 10Dccg5B (Kuka Mn. 00-177-996) 30Vdc 10A
Schaffner Fn2010-10-06 Power Line Filter Schaffner Fn2010-10-06 110/250V 50/60Hz
Schaffner Fs3749-16-03-7 Line Filter 3X600Vac/50-60Hz Schaffner Fs3749-16-03-7 3X600Vac/50-60Hz 10A@65°/Hpf -25° +85°C
Finmotor Fin1740Esm.036.M Emi Filter 50/60Hz 4X36A Finmotor S.R.L. Three Wires With Neutral Plus Ground Fin1740Esm.036.M Fin 1700.4Es.036.M 50/60Hz 4X36A @ 40°C Phase To Phase 500 Vac

Rasmi Rs Oc/2 Output Choke Filter Ring
Rasmi Electronics Ltd
Rs 0C/2/Rs Oc/2

Tdk Zgb2202-01U Noise Filter 250V~2A 50/60 Hz
Noise Filter

Graco 114-124 Airline Filter 10 Bar (150 Psi)
Model: 114-124
Max.Press. 10 Bar (150 Psi)

Schaffner Fs3749-16-03-7 Line Filter 50-60Hz
Connecto Electronics
3X600Vac/ 50-60Hz

Sak 660-3/06 Power Line Filter 110/240V 50/60Hz
Model: Sak 660-3/06

Murr Elektronik Ff-75-0374 Line Filter 10216
Murr Elektronik
Art.No: 10216