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If you're looking to improve the accuracy and efficiency of your industrial automation processes, then Aeliya Marine Tech's high-quality amplifiers are an excellent solution. Our amplifiers collection enhances the performance of your sensors and transducers, providing reliable and accurate readings in a wide range of applications. Our amplifiers come in a variety of types and models, including DC amplifiers, AC amplifiers, and signal conditioners. We offer products that are compatible with different types of sensors and transducers, making it easy to integrate them into your existing automation systems. With Aeliya Marine Tech's amplifiers, you can improve the performance of your machinery, reduce downtime, and increase overall productivity. Our products are built to last, with high-quality materials and rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability in harsh industrial environments.

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Southern Avionics Srp29600 Switching Power Amplifier Card Southern Avionics Company Switching Power Amplifier Srp29600 Rev: D
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-je-70A Servo Amplifier Ip20 Designed By: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Mitsubishi Electric Automation Manufacturing (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. Melservo-je Ac Servo Model: Mr-je-70A Power: 750W Input: 3Ac/Ac200-240V 3.8A/6.5A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-je-40A Servo Amplifier Mitsubishi Electric Automation Manufacturing (Changshu) Co.,Ltd. Designed By Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Melservo-je Ac Servo Model: Mr-je-40A Power: 400W Input: 3Ac/Ac200-240V 2.6A/4.5A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-j4-22Kb4 Digital Ac-servo Amplifier 400V Ac Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Melservo-j4 Servo Amplifer-2 Input: 400V Ac Ac Servo Model: Mr-j4-22Kb4 Power: 22Kw Input: 3Ac380-480V 47.6A 50/60Hz
Mitsubishi Electric Mr-j4-22Kb4 Digital Ac-servo Amplifier Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Model: Mr-j4-22Kb4 Ac Servo Power: 22 Kw Input: 3Ac380-480V 47.6A 50/60Hz Output: 3Ph323V 0-360Hz 63.0A Std: Iec/En61800-5-1 Man: Ib(Na) 0300197
Lee-dickens Bd 100 Single Level Trip Amplifier 50/60Hz Lee-dickens Ltd Single Level Trip Amplifier  Bd 100 8598G Is-1 Input: 4 To 20Ma
Eh-technik Pt 100 Amplifier Umit Switch 24V Eh-technik Amplifier Umit Switch
Pepperl+Fuchs We77/Ex1 Isolated Switch Amplifier Relay 01544S Pepperl+Fuchs (Australia) Pty Ltd., P+F Control Circuit Ex Relay We77/Ex1
Pepperl+Fuchs We 77/Ex1-2U Isolated Switch Amplifier Relay 06341S Pepperl+Fuchs (Australia) Pty Ltd., P+F Control Circuit 220Vac We 77/Ex1-2U Part No: 06341S
Pr Electronics 2204 Isolation Amplifier 2 Wire 24Vdc Pr Electronics Isolation Amplifier  2204 2204B2Bx/2204E2Bx Supply: +24Vdc Input: 0-10V
Pepperl+Fuchs We77/Ex-1 Isolated Switch Amplifier 129197 Pepperl+Fuchs Control Circuit We77/Ex-1 Part No: 129197 230Vac Ii (1) Gf [Eex Ia] Iic  Ptb 02 Atex 2065 Input Rated Values Uo Ca: 8V Ik Ca: 8Ma Maximum Values: Uo=13.4V Io= 31Ma Po=145Mw Ci=57Nf
Knick 3310 A2 Dc Isolation Amplifier Knick Dc-trennverstärker/Dc Isolation Amplifier Typ/Type: 3310 A2 Opt. 251. 63 845494 0…20
Swg-03442-009 Flame Guard Amplifier Flame Guard Amplifier Swg-03442-009
Pr Electronics 2204B2P Isolation Amplifier With Base, 24-250 Vdc/50-60Hz Pr Electronics A/S Koino Kun Hung Isolation Amplifier 2204 2204P Supply: 24-250 Vdc/50-60Hz Supply: 24-230 Vac/ 1.8W 2204S301 2204B2P
Pepperl+Fuchs Kfd2-sr2-ex1.W Zener Barrier Switch Amplifier 132958 Pepperl+Fuchs Zener Barrier K-system Kfd2-sr2-ex1.W Part No.: 132958 Ii (1) Gd [Eex Ia] Iic Ptb 00 Atex 2080 Ii 3 G Eex N Ac Iic T4 Tuv 99 Atex 1493 X Ii (3) G [Eex Nl] Iic X Maximum Values:  Uo= 10.5V Io= 13 Ma Po= 34 Mw Eex Ia Iic  Co= 2.41 µF Lo= 210 Mh Output: Ac 253V 2A
Gai-tronics 10488-001 Speaker Amplifier Assembly Gai-tronics Corporation A Hubel Company Speaker Amplifier Assembly No: 10488-001 Single Party 1/16A 125V 7/10A 125V 780-001 23179440
Pepperl+Fuchs Kfd2-ut-ex1 Universal Temperature Measurement Amplifier 112879 Pepperl+Fuchs K-system Universal Temperature Measurement Amplifier Type/Typ: Kfd2-ut-ex1 Part No: 112879 Ii (1) G D [Eexia] Iic Bas01Atex7256 Ii 3 G Eex N A Ii T4 Tuv02Atex1797X
Rishabh Instruments Pvt. Ltd Isolation Amplifier Rishducer Tv 808 Type: Tv-808-1223 9Z 0Z 85…230V Ac/Dc Aux
Anttron A225 Indoor Amplifier Anttron Evology Indoor Amplifier A225 230V~/50Hz Pmax: 4W
Vickers Eea-pam-119-a-10 Power Amplifier  Vickers Eea-pam-119-a-10 0.16A 83321 
St Me02 Feedback & Control Amplifier Board St Feedback & Control Amplifier Rectifier Charger Control Card
Isolation Amplifier  2204 2204D 2204S201 2204Bod Supply: 24 V 1,3 W
Blonder Tongue Muvb-45 Distribution Amplifier 220V 50/60Hz Blonder Tongue Laboratories Masterline Distribution Amplifier Muvb-45 Stock No: B1454 220V 50/60 Hz Jdtl3A
Pepperl+Fuchs Kcd2-e Terminal Amplifier 18352S Pepperl+Fuchs K-serie/K-series Kcd2-e Part.No: 18352S Control Circuit Din: 19234 Uo Ca. 8V Jk Ca. 8Ma
Pepperl+Fuchs 00104 T4 Transistor-isolation Amplifier Pepperl+Fuchs Transistor -trennverstärker/ Transistor-isolation Amplifier Part. No: 00104 Typ/Type T4 Ptb Nr. Iii B/E-22 305 S-u Steuer-stromkreis/Control Circuit (Ex) I G5